My Poppy Run

With in-person events continuing to be postponed, limited or delayed, Poppyscotland are turning once again to the virtual world to raise vital funds.

Poppyscotland are hoping people you, friends, family or colleagues would like to sign up to the My Poppy Run Challenge. Poppyscotland usual fundraising activities at Armed Forces Day, which is on June 26th 2021 have been heavily scaled back due to covid regulations.

My Poppy Run is a virtual run – you choose a time, distance and location that suits you. You could run, jog or walk in a park after work, around town during the weekend, or on a treadmill.

You’ll be joining a community of runners and walkers doing their best to support the Poppyscotland in these difficult times.

  • Register to get your own Poppy Run t-shirt and medal
  • Raise £100 or more and get a PoppyScotland special edition medallion!

Interested in taking part, check out this link